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GTA Property Management Inc. is a property Management Company that is serving Toronto and the GTA. GTA PM offers services for property owners who have investment properties in the Toronto and the GTA as well as homes or properties that are rented for personal use. Property Management is not an easy task even for well-experienced owners without a professional team to guide them with all aspects of property management including tenant management.

At GTA PM, we are experienced for many years in this industry providing services to owners and landlords in Toronto and the GTA and supporting them in every step of the way. We also established partners with other professional maintenance service providers that allow us to manage all of the properties we manage. We offer tenant selection so you don’t have to worry about having the wrong tenant in your rented establishment. We do all the work so you can have a peace of mind with who uses your premises during the time you rented it.

We offer peace of mind to the tenants as well. GTA PM will be always on call to make sure any urgency is taken care of and any maintenance that needs to be done is completed on time. This is a valuable service to your tenant because individual landlords are not always available and response to service calls will take longer than it would with GTA PM. We are always on call making sure any urgency is always covered 24/7 so the tenant and landlord can both have peace of mind about any urgent situation or maintenance.

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Best Tenants for your rental properties

GTA PM provides one of the industries unique recruitment and selection process for your tenants. We make our decisions based on a preferred and sound determination process to ensure you get the best quality tenants who will be of value to you and keep your property in good order. This also makes sure we get the right tenant that is happy with where they will be with the comfort they require.

We create an ideal situation for property management by making sure that the tenant as well as the landlord is happy. Landlords can be assured that the tenant has similar values to them in taking care of the property as their own house or condo. This also covers the landlord’s goals for the property in a long term. A well-maintained property is a guaranteed way to make good income without the pressure of managing it. Let GTA PM do that for you!

We take pride in managing every property in the best way possible. We make sure we manage all the contracts, forms that need to be filled and the proceedings for the best management of the property. We also negotiate the lease agreements for you, collect the payments in behalf of you and deposit the money of the rent to the landlords in a timely manner.

GTA PM also performs the inspections before the delivery before the occupancy granted by the developer or builder. We perform this before the occupancy date as well as on the date of occupancy. This makes sure that the tenant and the landlord understands the status of the property and is on the same page as to the condition of the property before it was rented by the tenant.

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See your potential growth

GTA PM offers reporting services to landlords because it is very important for the landlord to be informed about the success of the property as well as the management tasks that take place. GTA PM offers monthly as well as annual reports to keep you the landlord informed with the success as well as potential of their property as it ages. These reports are broken down in a detailed manner with a user-friendly touch so you are aware of everything you see in it. The reports are usually emailed to our property landlords on the day rent is deposited into preferred account.

GTA Property Management Potential Growth
GTA Property Management Growth Potential
Watch your investment grow

We are always happy to talk about the reports, review your report as well as talk about any potential prospects for your investment to grow. Our goal is to make the whole investment experience easy and not daunting for the owners of all of the establishments we manage.

Real Estate Services

We specialize in Real Estate Services and Investment

Real Estate tasks can sometimes be overwhelming. We at GTA PM make it a bit more easier for you to handle by taking the major daunting tasks away so it can be handle more at ease. Our experienced real estate professionals will help you every step of the way, guiding you through the whole buying and selling experience making sure you maximize on your investment.

Finding the Right Property

Buying the right property can be an easy way of making a lifetime of good profit. By owning other properties besides your own residence you open up the opportunity for potential growth of your investment while you cover the day to day expenses of your rental establishment. Our professional team will help you every step of the way from finding the right property, inspection, negotiating the price, purchasing the property as well as manage your investment so you can worry less about the maintenance.

Maximizing your Investments Potential

Our goal is to make sure we support the landlords and investors in achieving their property establishments goals. Our professional team are experienced in the field of investing and will work together with you as the market changes. Our consulting services can help you with all you need from the moment you see an investment, your inspecting, negotiations, final purchase as well as managing the rental condo or home.

We assure that the investors have the knowledge on the property they are looking to invest. We are here till the end of your step to make sure you are secured during this process.

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24/7 Maintenance Support

GTA PM takes care of the maintenance of the property as well as 24/7 support since this can be one of the most stressful part of managing for landlords of any property. GTA PM is a professional property management company that has many years of experience in this industry. We make our landlords feel relieved by being there for the property as 24 hour support service just in case there is a repair that needs to be done even in the middle of the night.

GTA PM always takes care of every property that we manage as our own with high standards of care and maintenance. We only make sure that the technicians who work on the property are fully licensed and professionals that get any job done right the first time. We work to make sure your property is in good standards every day regardless of any holidays or weekends. GTA PM is always available for the tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a moments notice. You can be assured all the maintenance is done in a timely manner without any delays with budgeting in mind for their owners and landlords.

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In case of an urgency, we have a 24 / 7 team on stand-by ready to assist you with all your requests.

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